Revealing Boo

  To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the most important pieces of literature and film in American history. Although the story is well known, the portrayal of Harper Lee’s beloved character’s in Robert Mulligan’s version of “To Kill a Mockingbird” bring an entirely new layer of meaning and appreciation. Analyzing the film version of […]

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Uncomfortable Yet?

“I never watch a movie that is R rated or above. If I want to watch violence, I’ll just turn on the news.” These words came from my seventh grade religion teacher, needless to say, after she made this statement there was laughter throughout the classroom. As a seventh grader, I thought my teacher was […]

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The Meadow in the Ghetto

I grew up in a small suburb next to the hustling, bustling streets of East Los Angeles, infamously known for its gang violence and drug abuse. I was so close to this incredible city that only a couple blocks from my house was the sign that read “Bienvenidos a Los Angeles!” When I was growing […]

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