War! Huh! What is it Good For?!?

War is a fascinating facet of society that we must face in almost every decade throughout the history of human-kind. No matter what time period you look back at (besides Machu Picchu) there has been a conflict that had to be resolved with violence. This becomes fascinating because human beings hold themselves as the most intelligent life forms on the planet, but no other species in the world would knowingly try and kill the other off. War fascinates me because it is of course a tacticals, physically display of strategy and superiority; but it is also a cultural phenomena that defines humanity and can shape entire subsidies of cultural movements. What is it in our human DNA that guides us into war? Is it the fact that we now understand that war can lead to higher paying gross domestic product? Or is it that humans have a primal instinct to want to kill each other just to prove a point?

I believe that cultural studies can answer many of these questions along with creating a few of their own. Cultural studies finds seemingly insignificant artifacts like brochures and advertisements and creates a close analysis for what each picture could mean. An easy example would be the HIGHLY sexist advertisements that circulated during the 1960s; many depicting women as moronic enough to not know the difference between a mop and an airplane ticket. Advertisements like these give such a rich background into the minds of society during this time without having to explicitly say anything at all; this is why looking at cultural studies would be such a useful tool. Examining popular cultural artifacts like music or novels can give such a unique insight into the psyche of the society that you are examining. After all, these signifiers do not just appear out of thin air with each choice being deliberately made; I want to figure out the reasoning behind each of these choices


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