Punks have feelings, too


My research for this essay has been unbelievably enjoyable and very fun and has really opened my eyes to the possibilities that punk music has!I will say that I enjoy the fact that I was correct in my assumption that punk music has a greater influence than it is originally created for; its reach of influence on society is incredible. I have read multiple articles about punk music stemming from a reaction of World War II Nazis. WORLD WAR II! I was sitting here thinking that it must have originated in the Vietnam Era because that is when it reached peak popularity; I am unbelievably happy that I was wrong. The two main arguments for whom the intended audience for punk music was are: for the disenfranchised soldiers returning from the Vietnam War being shamed and disgraced OR teenagers who felt thrown away by their own governments and demanded to be heard.

These two reactions are riveting to read about, but they leave me feeling dissatisfied. Because these two arguments are correct in their own ways, but they feel two one sided and incomplete. In order to write this paper correctly, one can not ignore all the factors given to them and must include as much context as possible. But with this topic two things are not coming together: the context and the conclusion. I feel that if I could write this paper up to fifteen pages then I would be set, there is so much information to go into depth with, with so little room for change. I also feel that most of the soldiers who were returning from the war were teenagers who felt used and thrown out by their government, then when returning home had no sense of acceptance. To place these two audiences into completely separate categories, ignoring the overlap, seems lazy. I do not understand how authors and scholars have not made this connection in the past when the answer seems so obvious. Maybe this is because I am being a brat and simply reading the wrong articlesa90e8484c651ed59a02e22247e623cd9.jpg“Hell No We Won’t Go”


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