Research Sucks

Ultimately, this research paper took a lot out of me. It was hard to sit down for one to two hours just scrolling through the UCI libraries page hoping to find some relevant sources that are actually legitimate. Then once you have found some, you can either be VERY lucky and have a pdf file […]

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Punks have feelings, too

  My research for this essay has been unbelievably enjoyable and very fun and has really opened my eyes to the possibilities that punk music has!I will say that I enjoy the fact that I was correct in my assumption that punk music has a greater influence than it is originally created for; its reach […]

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Feeling Lucky, Punk?

Feature photo by me After some admittedly minimal research plus a fervor to know more about this topic in general, I have chosen to look at how the punk revolution began and how the Vietnam War began to influence it. I have such a deep love for music and have studied it for the past […]

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War! Huh! What is it Good For?!?

War is a fascinating facet of┬ásociety that we must face in almost every decade throughout the history of human-kind. No matter what time period you look back at (besides Machu Picchu) there has been a conflict that had to be resolved with violence. This becomes fascinating because human beings hold themselves as the most intelligent […]

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Revealing Boo

  To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the most important pieces of literature and film in American history. Although the story is well known, the portrayal of Harper Lee’s beloved character’s in Robert Mulligan’s version of “To Kill a Mockingbird” bring an entirely new layer of meaning and appreciation. Analyzing the film version of […]

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Uncomfortable Yet?

“I never watch a movie that is R rated or above. If I want to watch violence, I’ll just turn on the news.” These words came from my seventh grade religion teacher, needless to say, after she made this statement there was laughter throughout the classroom. As a seventh grader, I thought my teacher was […]

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The Meadow in the Ghetto

I grew up in a small suburb next to the hustling, bustling streets of East Los Angeles, infamously known for its gang violence and drug abuse. I was so close to this incredible city that only a couple blocks from my house was the sign that read “Bienvenidos a Los Angeles!” When I was growing […]

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