And in the end…

It was my American History teacher of junior year that told us that there you could not find a single war that could be defined as “black & white”, and anyone who teaches you otherwise shouldn’t be teaching at all. Although this is only an opinion, it has been a lesson that I have been […]

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An Ode to the Theater

Like any medium, there are advantages and disadvantages to using one style over another; while water colors may be gentler and soothing, a single mistake cannot be covered up as easily as acrylics could be etc. This also applies to theater/film versus just text as mediums to express the same play, and we see this […]

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Do I Need Help?

The Siege of Magdeburg was in the year 1631 during the Thirty Years War when the Catholic Army captured the Protestant City of Magdeburg, it caused unbelievable amounts of damage (as captures do).  However, there are two texts that view this historical event in vastly different ways: Brecht’s play “Mother Courage and Her Children”, and Otto […]

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Agamemnon, what’s good?

Now before I begin I just want to state that I am well aware that discussions that involve Miley Cyrus are VASTLY different from academic discussions that involve the Iliad, however, I do see a common thread that involves them both. The cultural differences, and similarities, of honor and shame culture. The article that I […]

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A Thousand and Three Words

The common phrase uttered when viewing a breathtaking picture is “a picture is worth a thousand words”. In this case, it is worth a thousand and three. This famous picture self-entitled “War is Hell” was taken during the infamous Vietnam War of an unknown soldier, it is not absolute what happened to this soldier but […]

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