Academic life at UCI has been an adventure of a lifetime as my first quarter as a freshman. Dorming with random people has been fantastic and I could not be happier with the group of people that are constantly surrounding me each and every day. The classes have been difficult, but I really need to send a thank you card (or parade) to my former high school Immaculate Heart. It is a college prepatory school is Hollywood and it has honesty prepared me for all of the highs and lows that college could bring me, whether that be how to write an argumentative essay adequately or how to study for a test efficiently; it’s all help in the past couple of months.

But to be honest, coming to UCI was terrifying for a while. My SPOP experience was less than great (sorry, SPOP leaders) and it made me feel as if the community at UCI was only fun if you were an upper classman. It had reminded me of the hierarchy of high school and all I could think of was “I just got out of that!!! Give me a chance for something new!!” Its safe to say that I was pleasantly surprised to find that even though there are still a few clicks and boys can still be weird and awkward, college is where a student’s true freedom lies. I have the opportunities to be an adult (within the confine of protected school walls) and study whatever I wished to. Which was my biggest issue with high school, I completely respect and understand the necessity of learning core classes but to tell you the truth I have not used the quadratic formula once since finishing Algebra II.

College is where I can essentially study the topics and materials that I love and be my own person. It has given me a freedom that I appreciate terribly and hope to continue to experience for (at least) the next four years.